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Our group's CSR activities are rooted in the knowledge that basic education is crucial for any nation’s wellbeing. Through our business duties and achievements, we try our best to bring education to children and youth of rural communities of our country. Because without education, families in remote regions of our country have little to no chance to having access to a promising future; we want to give hope to these families to dream bigger and better for the future.

Shri Saraswathi Sankar Higher Secondary School is a school in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal. It is situated in a rural part of the district, and it is accessible to remote families from far and wide from the surrounding areas. The school was established in 2016 and is full funded by the Suyogya group. Tuition is completely free for students. We also provide scholarships to promising students, we sponsor their higher education in more facilitated schools and colleges in prominent cities.